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Our Initiative Support program includes different programs that are designed for Direct Assistance to reach the most impoerished people, especially widows and children with absolutely no hope and help in life.

These programs are as follows:


We have a Food Assistance Program (I-Feed) that aims to help very impoverished elderly widows living in very critical conditions with no hope and help. These widows in this program receive a food kit every month designed to help supplement their own and children's diet, and includes items such as rice, beans, spaghetti, and cooking oil. Widows who qualify for our FA programs are living in very poor conditions under poverty line with seriously ill family members. As with most assistance programs, the need outweighs the available supply. 


If you would like to contribute financially to the feeding assistance program, please feel free to contact us for more information.


The (I-Help) Program basically works like a micro finance program.


It aims at providing micro loans designed to help individuals (mostly women and mothers) develop small sustainable business and activities which can produce income and provide finances for theirs and their childrens' basics sustainable living and needs. This program will be controlled, coordinated, and developed alongside local churches, ensuring Kingdom oversight of the financials and business practices.