Hand Pump Repair


The Hand Pumps are the most common pumps for primary source of water for most of the people in Haiti and the other developing countries during their daily life. They are for the most part of these countries installed by different international organizations based mostly on the United States model of short term projects with no plan of repair and maintenance for installed hardware. Missionaries and churches, and even individuals play a great part in funding these water well drilling projects and installing the hand pumps for villages, communities, churches, schools, orphanages etc. 


It is estimated that 80% of the hand pumps installed world wide are broken or in disrepair, due to lack of repairs and maintenance. We recognize that every well which has been installed was a big investment, both financially and physically. Today, because of the crucial financial disability of the communities using these wells to afford repair and maintenance of these wells when they break, many of these investments are just sitting idle like a Cadillac with a flat tire.



With our ''Community Hand Pump Repair Program'', we aim to reverse this trend in Haiti and reverse the detoriation by being a permanent presence on the ground. Our plan is to provide care and maintenance on the current working wells and document all the non-working pumps with patent holes around the country and one by one bring them into full operation and keep full track of them with maintenance after their repair to make sure they continue to provide water progressively as the intended result of their investment and our work. 


The average cost to repair a broken well with routing maintenance is six hundred dollars. This cost helps our hand pump repair team to first, go and locate the broken wells that are not producing clean water and then survey each one of them and then come back to fix them. Once repaired, we record each one of these wells in our data base with their GPS coordinates. Then we track them and their progress with the average of amount of people they serve on daily basis.


Any organization, church groups or even individuals can sponsor a community water well with and through us. The crucial poverty range and unemployment rate of the population (where about 78% live under poverty line) makes the communities unable to respond to their daily basic needs including getting the most essential element in life which is water. That’s why organizations, church groups and even individual’s support plays the most important part in the execution of community projects.


Organizations, church groups or individuals that sponsor a water well are eligible to have their name placed and tag on the well after completion of the project. Updates and pictures of the wells with information including GPS coordinates will be sent to the sponsor to ensure them that the funds have been invested responsibly and where they have been utilized. Future updates and pictures are forwarded upon request ensuring that their investments have been properly used and that progress is the intended result.