HAITI – Puits & Initiaves, (HAITI – Wells & Initiatives in English), or H-PI for short is first of all a local Organization of Christians from Haiti and the United States that is operated by a staff of Local Christian Technicians with a board of Haitian and American Christians. H-PI’s primary goal and mission is to help communities in Haiti with clean and life giving drinking water. This is accomplished through fresh water well drilling, community hand pump installations and repairs and water filtration and purification systems.


The second goal of H-PI is to provide Direct Supports to people living under the lowerest rate of poverty. These include a Feeding Assistance Program for elderly widows with no hope and help and an I-Support program to help them and others develop small businesses programs for themselves that can respond to their daily basic needs.




Christ and our faith in Him is the reason for everything we do. We challenge ourselves to imitate His compassion for the hurt and broken, and share the hope that we have in Him.


We believe in the value that God sees in every single life, and seek to improve these lives of our brothers and sisters who are in the greatest needs, regardless of religion, gender, race or age.


We are empowered as locals, to serve the people of Haiti in an effort to provide a better quality of life for families and communities. Additionally, we also undertake development initiatives to provide training and tools necessary for sustainability.


We strategically use the resources and equipment which has been entrusted to us, in ways that make the greatest impact. H-PI works alongside a network of churches to ensure our efforts reach the people who need them most.