Water | HAITI


Haiti and the Dominican Republic are both independent countries that share the Hispaniola Island located in the Central part of the Caribbean. Haiti, located on the West part of the Island, has been hampered by an unfortunate mix of unstable governments and natural disasters. Multiple hurricanes, massive floodings and a major earthquake in January 2010, have caused more than one third of the country to lack access to clean water, and prompted international organizations and groups to come and assist with temporary relief and clean water solutions. After the quake that has struck Port-au-Prince in 2010, thousands fled to the countryside for water sources, which quickly became overstressed and contaminated.

Today, nearly 70% of Haitians lack direct access to potable water. Only 55% have indirect access to an improved water source. Haiti is rebuilding, but, for years to come, an independent clean sustainable water supply for the people is crucial for their economic recovery.


The many different international organizations who came to Haiti to help with the huge water problem are not equipped to stay for the long haul that this crisis requires. Although the vast majority of their work lacked sustainability, we are thankful for their assistance because these solutions were able to help numerous districts with relief.